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With my 35 years of experience, credibility, and skills, I consider myself an above-average counselor and therapist.

Why Work With Me

With my 35 years of experience, integrity, and skills, I consider myself an above-average counselor and therapist. I don’t just talk to my clients and discuss their problems, I invest in them. My counseling and therapy sessions are tailored to assist clients of all ages and walks of life. Rest assured I would go the extra mile to make my clients feel that I truly care for them.

Dawn D. Crocco

MS, Professional Counselor and Recovery Coach
– Certified Counsellor

My Approach & Philosophy

In doing private psychotherapy as a mental health and substance abuse professional since 1982, my solid communication skills and well-honed assessment abilities are always informed by a basis in Christian counseling. My clients’ goals are my explicit focus and making services accessible is my calling. Accordingly, I offer fee negotiation with demonstrated need.

After earning my Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling from Cairn University in 2004, I began work in Human Services right away and invested sixteen years in direct pastoral counseling. I continued additional counseling and coaching work throughout the passing years – as clinical case manager, primary therapist for individuals, couples and families, group therapist, and as a therapist for impaired health care professionals.

My therapy and coaching work is also informed by the experiences parenting my 31-year-old daughter, my 35-year-old son and his 2-year-old daughter, my granddaughter. My son is the Head Baseball Coach for a small liberal arts college near Greenville,South Carolina and my daughter is a Medical Assistant and involved in many activities using her musical gifts with voice, guitar and choral groups in SanDiego, California.

My Blog

Anxiety and How to Change It
Anxiety and How to Change It

Are you worried and anxious? In these troubling times, that’s quite the understatement, right? But for many of us, worry and anxiety were our continuous companions long before today’s world-wide troubles. Deciding whether it’s usual human worry or life-disrupting...


We women have to transition because the children grow up and “leave the nest,” we can feel so uncertain about what to do next with our lives. The children have been the focus of our time and energy and then they go off to college or the army or trade school, they move...

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