Anxiety and How to Change It

Are you worried and anxious? In these troubling times, that’s quite the understatement, right? But for many of us, worry and anxiety were our continuous companions long before today’s world-wide troubles. Deciding whether it’s usual human worry or life-disrupting anxiety has something to do with your specific physical and emotional experiences. Anxiety is an experience that many people deal with and for some, is a daily experience. Symptoms you might be experiencing, a rapid heart rate, headaches, trembling, difficulty breathing and lightheadedness. Anxiety is a very physical experience that can be debilitating and is not just “all in the head”. Approximately 40 million American adults have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety can affect everything and simply saying “calm down” will not be helpful to the person experiencing anxiety. If you are feeling anxious you may experience sweating, muscle aches, GI disturbance, insomnia, isolating yourself and significant fears and phobias. You may avoid social situations and cancel social plans at the last minute. Can you overcome anxiety? I can help you to win this battle with anxiety in therapy to change your thinking and to change your behavior and lifestyle. I can help you navigate these troublesome experiences. And it is possible to manage anxiety without medication. Of course, naming the problem doesn’t matter as much as finding ways to change it. And YES, you can overcome anxiety! I can help you navigate these troublesome experiences. The start will be talking about your specific situation. I invite you to give me a call at (267) 424-5266 so we can begin the dialogue leading you into a more comfortable and enjoyable life.